The Fukushima Disaster

Mar 17th, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Lead Article, Nukes

Like many of you, I’ve been closely following the developments at the Fukushima reactor complex. Below is a set of links to articles I’ve written for the Stranger, as the events have unfolded.

Explosion at Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Cesium Detected

Don’t Panic

Geiger Counter Readings Rise in Tokyo

What’s on Fire at the Fukushima Reactor?

Will Radioactive Particles from the Leaking Reactor Reach Washington State?

The Fukushima Fifty

“We believe that radiation levels are extremely high” (A discussion of acute radiation injury)

Video from a Helicopter Flyover of the Fukushima Plant

The Health Effects of Radioactive Isotopes from Fukushima

Radiation from Fukushima, in Seattle

How Radiation Is Measured

Radiation From Fukushima, in Seattle, Tells the Story

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